Holistic Approach Treats Painful and Potentially Fatal Founder in Horses

Right front foot


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Trying to adopt a sweet old mare who was walking around just fine with over grown hooves! Nothing done for last 2 years ! My ferrier cut way toooooo much and horse is so sore now she won't hand me feet ! She may be 2 yr out with Cushings... CURLY LONG HAIR we are cutting off. Any advise will be so appreciated

Gincy Thomas more than 1 year ago


Had a 18 year old Clydesdale mare with full blown metabolic disorder on a dry lot and medication. Decided to go holistic. Started using Heiro by Dr. Frank Reilly. Worth looking up the research and testing. That was about 12 years ago. Mare is now sound and 30 years old. Lives outside, on grass, 24/ 7 ( large run - in sheds). with my 8 other horses all between the ages of 22 years to 33 years.I have had some of them since they were 3 years old. Heiro has worked wonders with all of my horses and reversed IR conditions — proven through pre and post veterinarian testing.

Kathleen Kearney more than 1 year ago

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