Holistic First Aid for the Show Horse

When it comes to show horses, providing first aid and giving supplements is sometimes a tricky business.

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Homeopathic chamomile and nux vomica

Is homeopathic chamomile different than chamomile for testing? I ask because chamomile is on the banned substance list. So is lavender, which seems so silly to me. Meadowsweet is not, but since one of its components is salicylates, would that test?? Thank you in advance, Lani

Lani Ichikawa-Ennis more than 4 years ago

Chamomilla matricaria

Lani, homeopathic Chamomile (Chamomilla matricaria) is very a compound of the herb Chamomile, Learn more about it here: http://homeopathyplus.com/chamomilla-matricaria-cham/, Homeopathic remedies are diluted, I cannot tell you if the amount is traceable, but it is highly unlikely and you cannot feed it like a drug. Please read http://homeopathyplus.com/tutorial-4-three-scales-of-potency/
Also Nux Vomica is an awesome remedy, I used it on my thoroughbred when ever he started to colic, while waiting for the vet, by the time he got there, my horse was fine. Of course I walked him, dosed him with a probiotic, but the Nux was my go to remedy for him.

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 4 years ago

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