Holistic Tips for Gas Colic

Colic is a scary thing that happens to horses, and the sooner you catch it the better off your horse will be.

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gas colic

we went straight to banamine since we had that and not of the other stuff. One of the things we do for a not so gassy colic is dump a gallon of regular mineral oil. You can actually see oil in their stool. It does work. But let me worn you...it is extremely messy. Do not where clothes you are not ready to part with. The oil doesn't come out and you will ware some of it...a lot of it. We pour it in them with a plastic jug. Never ever try to put a tube in their gut as if you miss your horse will surely die with oil in his lungs.
My 2 cents.

Cindy Lowe more than 3 years ago

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