Horses on Hemp Benefit Naturally Part 4

Hemp for horses with arthritis, or insulin resistance, or inflammation, or skin problems, or for hard keepers.

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CBD for horses

I am now selling cbd oil, and am going to give it to my mare that is arthritic. If anyone would like more information they can contact me at or check out my site at this oil is having amazing results on people and dogs.

Sue Meert 245 days ago

Help horse with cancer

My horse lost his right eye to cance noe 1 1/2 year later he has it in his left eye. I wanted to find out more infuriation in CBD oil and it's potential benefits to help my beloved horse. My horse has Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Lisa Cope more than 1 year ago

Ocular cancer

My Beloved horse may have Lymphoma in right eye~ trying to help him in every way~

christine fairbanks more than 1 year ago

Horse cancer

Am having my horse treated with the horse cancer vaccine series, saw an open tail melanoma that would not close and heal up, close by the 4th day after the first shot. Several versions out there, it's a pricey series, we are doing the one where vaccine was derived from part of horse actual melanoma. Google horse cancer vaccine.

Tamara Rymer 347 days ago

Healing Suggestion

In my opinion hemp oil is one of the most healing remedies available. My animals are all on it and have gone from acting like older animals to acting like young ones. My horse is able to run when as an OTTB she has shot out knees. She could barely walk before. I would be happy to recommend the one that I used. My australian shepherd has auto immune disorder and all the prescriptions didn't help. Hemp oil every day has cured her of the itching, dry skin, scabs, and restlessness. I am so happy I started using hemp on my animals!!

Jaimie McCallum 88 days ago

hemp oil

I would love to know where you buy your hemp oil for your horses. I have two older mares, mid to late 20's, that are very stiff and sore from multiple issues that might benefit from this.

Kristi Walls 14 days ago

Type of Hemp Oil

What type of hemp oil do you recommend?

Christina Andersen 10 days ago

Horse CBD oil

Hello Jaimie. Where do you get your CBD Hemp oil from? How much do you use and how do you give it to your horse?

Ginamarie Samples 9 days ago

Hemp oil for horse

I would like to start my senior horse on hemp oil. Please tell me what exactly to purchase, where and how much to administer. She has joint problems and a skin condition that I want to treat. And she has laminitis

Pamela James 5 days ago