Keep Flies Away with Water and Pennies

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Fly bags

Can you put the pennies in glass jars. I have done plastic bags for years and it works. I’m in New Jersey

Marge 260 days ago

The teSon the water and pennies work fr

I read an article that said flys have a certain type of vision that enhances things so to speak. When they fly towards tbd bag of water, the pennies or my mom used nicked, bystanders what they see from the reflection of the water and light bouncing off the mo eye is a big huge wall of water and of course they fly sassy it to them they will drowned. It had something to do with the flys eyesight though. That’s what I read anyway.

Veronica more than 2 years ago

Complete and utter B.S.

Flies do not leave an area because of a bag of water. Zero, and I mean zero, scientific evidence. These bags are equally effective for keeping away zebras. Zero.

Mikey G. more than 1 year ago


Worked at my old house my brothers house had way too many and it work there and now at my new place.

Bob Blob more than 1 year ago

No it isn't BULL

I just now finished putting 2 nickles and 2 pennies in a quart size bag, set it on the window sills, all the floors disappeared so far anyway. I'll let y'all know if it stops working.

Tammy Shuler more than 1 year ago

The teSon

You may want to take advantage of spellcheck. No idea what a lot of your post said.

CLTBUCKEYE more than 1 year ago


Rude & unnecessary, but a valid suggestion.

L. more than 1 year ago

It works

I read this a long time ago but I never tried it. I finally got sick of the smelly traps and tried it. It really reduced the amount of flies, pretty crazy!

Peter Meshkowitz more than 2 years ago

What if the flies are already inside?

I guess they will never leave, since they will not go near the entrance where the bags are hanging.

Greg more than 2 years ago

It run them out!

I just put it in the window

Tammy Shuler more than 1 year ago

keep flies away

I say it's the pennies with the copper putting out an emf that deflects the flies

Angel Wheaton more than 2 years ago

Any type of coin?

In Aussie we dont have copper penn iies. Will any type of coin (ie nickel plated) suffice?

Lee more than 2 years ago

shiny pennies

do the pennies have to be shiny? (seems like the water would corrode them pretty quickly) Would light from a lamp replace sunshine indoors? Wonder if empty plastic water bottles would work...

William Storm more than 3 years ago


Pennies are made from a copper-zinc alloy which will not corrode. Ever wonder why pipes are made out of the same material?

CLTBUCKEYE more than 1 year ago


My problem is that I don't know where the flies are getting in through into my house. I called the City, they suspect a broken pipeline underground outside. Where then, should I hang or sit the water bags with the pennies?

Evelyn more than 3 years ago


Hang it close to where you suspect they are coming in. Preferably where the daylight is good.

Monica Dale more than 3 years ago

I use a small glass bottle

I found some small stopper bottles at Christmas Tree Shops one season, and use those. I fill them 3/4 with water, put in 3 SHINY NEW pennies, and hang the bottle with string around it's neck from a Command Adhesive hook next to my patio sliders and garage door. All I can say is that we see WAY less Yellowjackets, Wasps and other large insects flying around. I've read that the insects see the pennies in water as a large predator, and stay away. Of course it doesn't eliminate everything, but we burn Citronella Oil when we BBQ, and that keeps most of the rest at bay.

Wazoo2u more than 4 years ago

ziplock bags/water & pennies

I use them around my house and I watch how the flies react to them. I believe the refracted light through the water looks like spider webs to the flies and the pennies look like a spider waiting on his web; and the flies have an innate fear of being caught in them so they avoid the area. I left one up all winter and the next summer the flies were not deterred by it, maybe they became accustomed to it, I am not sure. But after removing it for a week and putting another up in a slightly different place it works again.

Robyn more than 5 years ago

Fruit flies

Does this work for fruit flies? I have literally a MILLION of those buggies in my kitchen for some apparent reason. I live in an apartment and that makes it even worse. Also have a pet rabbit whom's poop attracts those big fat juicy ones. I hung 2 bags filled with water in my rabbits cage and in my room window. Let's hope this works...

Candy Xie more than 5 years ago

Fruit fly trap

We've been using apple cider vinegar with just a little blue dishwashing soap. Works well. Something about the cider attracting the fruit flies, and then when they try to land the soap has caused a decrease in the surface tension and they sink to the bottom.

Jeff W more than 5 years ago

Also pour bleach down your drains. That’s where they live

Also pour bleach down your drains. That’s where they live

D Melvin more than 2 years ago

fruit flies

for fruit flies use a cup fill it will vinegar and cover with plastic. then poke small holes and watch them get trapped! i would use a plastic cup.

rowanna more than 4 years ago

Fruite fly trap

I agree with the ACV and soap, although I use any dish soap. And, if you have an old bottle of wine or a bottle with just a little left, the wine works really well too. It works really quickly.

[email protected] more than 4 years ago

Pennies in a ziploc to repel flies

I have up to 15 pennies in several freezer style 1 quart ziploc bags, filled half way with water, in several places around my dog kennels; including my front porch. Now, there is dry dog food around, and of course their daily excrement until I pick it up in the AM or evening. I try to keep environment very clean, to guard against smells of urine, poop, or just that dog smell. I wash area down daily with water as needed (ya know, like if the dogs peed on this or that). Well, so far, after 48 hours, the pennies in the bag have not worked at all; Flies are still clinging to walls of porch, tops of dog igloos, protective tarps used against wind and rain. I'll leave them up a few more days to see if anything happens. Does the bag need to be in direct sunlight? or hung at a certain height? can they be touching a wall or door? do they need to be "free" hanging, suspended, as in not touching anything? I'll try suggestions on use, in the hopes that it'll work.

Laura M more than 6 years ago

flie bags

You have too many pennies. Just 2 or 3 and in direct sunlight to refract the light. But your situation is not the occasional fly bugging a picnic party. You have a breeding ground for them. But try it with less pennies and direct sunlight and use the ziploc baggies as suggested because that plastic may just be what they don't like.

fmtransmitter more than 6 years ago


I just recently tried the plastic bag/penny trick to get rid of flies. Filled a one gallon bag with water & placed one penny into the bag of water. Hung one close to my outside garbage can that attracted hundreds of flys and one on front porch where I feed 3 cats attracting dozens of flys. Within 24 hours there are no flys. I do not care how it works just glad it works!

Phyllis more than 6 years ago

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