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Secrets to Healthy Yet Simple Horse-Keeping, Part II

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RE: No vaccinations

In my part of the US, if you don't vaccinate for rabies (or don't have vet proof) and there's a chance the horse might have been bitten by a rabid animal, they put the horse down no questions asked. Also, we have mosquitoes and West Nile/EEE/WEE are things here. It's a bit irresponsible to make not vaccinating seem as simple as "as long as you don't show." I can see not vaccinating for something like strangles if they don't encounter other horses, but the risk of rabies is hard to avoid if you also have 24/7 turnout, depending on your area.

Danelle more than 6 years ago

organic essential care

I love this and employ many of the same practices. I have a herd of four on forty acres. They are all very healthy. Thank you for writing this and helping to guide horse owners to sensible organic horse care. I too began making my own products for my horses for wound treatment. I use essential oils, neem, calendula and base it in olive and sunflower oil with beeswax for consistency. It heals fast and I know there is nothing toxic being put on my horses. The common/mainstream product says on the label "not to be used on horses intended for human consumption" and "wear gloves to apply". That is enough warning for me to NOT use it at all. Again, thank you for sharing your wisdom on natural simple horse care.

Lea more than 6 years ago

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