Noninvasive and Loving Approach to Imprinting

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Too Bad

It is lovely your interaction in the realm of foal imprinting, but breeding? I find it terribly hard to believe that humans continue to breed and breed and breed when there are thousands of over crowded equine rescues and unwanted horses in the world. Why aren't we doing our part? These unwanted horses have such desperate lives standing day in and day out in crowded paddocks with poor quality feed and no relief in sight. Some rescues are better than others yes, but most don't have the income to support the numbers and lack of care is inevitable. Yet we continue to breed more animals and leave the homeless, hopeless and injured to their fate. It seems people in your industry Liz, would especially take an interest in these cases but unfortunately I have found this is not true. You must breed to suit your business.

Cameron Taylor more than 6 years ago

thankyou for your consideration of equines

Liz, what a lovely story. It gladdens my heart to read of others so concerned & knowledgeable of the equine physic. Even before my 20yr association with Parelli, I was imprinting, although not removing foal from mother, but being gentle & respectful. It has paid off 1000 times. People say my horses understand my every word, action & body language. That's because they learned to speak human just as I learned to speak horse. My (now aged) gelding struck me down the forehead right after his birth as I kneeled infront of him & nearly knocked me out! He was a fighter & it took me years to get inside his head. However, his trust in me grew until he now relies on me as much as his own intuition. Youngsters I've sold have gone for higher prices due to their amazing human partnership abilities. If only all breeders could see the benefits.

Clissa Townsend more than 6 years ago

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