Nutritional Support for Systemic Laminitis

Three conditions that can cause systemic laminitis and how to work with these horses.

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What is used to support these horses?

It’s not clear to me in the Oracle what one should do for insulin resistant horses. What supplementation is helpful? I know that I have two insulin resistant horses, one of which has high ACTH levels as well. I would like to support holistically article is not clear on what to do. Thank you

Robin Anders more than 3 years ago

Insulin resistance/ nutritional support

The Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group has been serving horses with metabolic issues for over 20 years. We recognized insulin resistance before most of the veterinary community accepted it. The treatment of insulin resistance can only be done holistically - through proper diet, supplementation, exercise.and hoof care - preferably barefoot. Learn more by visiting or join us at for dialog. Our membership is over 10,000 strong and our protocols work.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD more than 2 years ago

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