Herbal Worming Alternatives

Parasite control has been a problem since domestication has brought horses into confinement. In nature, parasites do not like to kill their hosts as it deprives them of a place to live

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I appreciate the time you put into this article but I disagree that many or most of the deworming herbs are relatively toxic"
Most of the superstition surrounding these herbs boils down to isolated cases, much perpetuation of myths and improper studies. For instance Black Walnut is often said to be dangerous but we have not a single study that proves it is dangerous if used orally. We know it causes laminitis in the pasture but that is totally different.

Wormwood, as you mentioned is said to cause nervous system issues but this also has never been demonstrated in any actual study. And often when they do it is in GMO rats that they give huge doses to that are not even realistic as a test.

I created a Dewormer for my horses because I couldn't find a quality herbal product on the market that worked and I trusted. I spent 2 years dedicated to studying, researching and then finally formulated Verm Oust. I am not promoting it but I mention it to say this. We need to stop fearing herbs that work and start fearing the chemicals that are no longer working and actually are toxic.

Care needs to be taken with herbs, and we shouldn't be reckless. That's why I always use herbs like Peppermint, Fennel and Psyllium to assist the body as just using deworming herbs can be dangerous if they impact etc. But this is true of any dewormer due to the nature.

Again thanks for the effort, just wanted to share my thoughts.

Randall more than 1 year ago

Cronewort vs Mugwort

Arent these two the same thing?

J.Webb more than 3 years ago

Cronewort for horses: dosage recommendations

Should one use Cronewort to control parasites, specifically blood worms, in a horse on a regular basis? If so, what would be your recommendations regarding the dosage?

Twyla more than 5 years ago


Please consult an herbalist or a Holistic veterinarian for this information.

Karen (HolisticHorse.com) more than 4 years ago

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