Relieve the Itch

First find the source, then provide the relief

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Is there something to give that is natural in their feed to help stop the itch that is general not localized.

Gina 152 days ago


do horses feel pain at the base of their manes/ on the crest of their neck? Are there nerves for pain there?

Carmelita 170 days ago

Itch solution

I read about this they gauranteed it works.
Aromaitch. Equine natural Health Care for Horses. Made in the UK

Jodi more than 2 years ago

Proper Combination and Amount of Herbal Remedies

You mention 8 different herbal options - but it would be helpful to know in what form, what amount, what combination, etc., should be used to treat a skin issue, as well as how often to apply. My STB mare has been rubbing her mane out, and no matter how I treat it or what I put on it, it doesn't seem to give her much relief.

Kathie Judy more than 2 years ago

Itching & Rubbing

For more than 15 years I have given clinics and written articles on horse care. The focus of my research has been on selecting horse care products in combination with grooming tools that minimize damage to the horse's coat, mane and tail, and allow the hair to wick moisture away the skin. I eventually realized a simple curry comb (mane & tail comb) used like a dandy brush was the most effective and efficient tool for grooming. It gets down onto the skin to work out filth helping the area to breath and massages the skin, relieving itch. These articles are posted on

Thomas N Tweeten, PhD more than 2 years ago

Herbal Remedies

Hi Kathie - I have had success with a product called Belly Salve - by The Farrier's Wife. They also have a really effective pest repellent and hoof dressing. Their webpage is - Good Luck!

john more than 2 years ago