Safe Supplements For EMS/IR and Cushing’s Horses

The cornerstone of managing horses and ponies with metabolic issues resulting in high insulin, is tight control of their diet

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Mini horse ACTH of 1,129

I have recently adopted a mini horse who i believed to have Cushing's, i had my vet run bloodwork to find ACTH results higher than she's ever seen.
ACTH 1,129
insulin 122.48
Leptin 16.53
I am muddling my way thru a feed program that will benefit her. I started her yesterday on prascend 1mg/day.
Any suggestions are helpful.
Im in AZ with no pasture for grazing so i totally control her feed intakes.
Thank you
Karey Williamson
[email protected]
I do not have Facebook

Karey Williamson 225 days ago

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