Slow Down the Fast Eater-Video

Does your horse wolf down his food? Here is an easy tip to use for that aggressive eater.

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What about the fear of strangulation?

Candice 96 days ago

Hay fever

Pony is badley affected throughout spring and summer. Mint seems to help, any other suggestions?

Rachael simpson 96 days ago

Spanish Moss for a horse?

A carriage ride through the historic neighborhood...there is a lot of miss on the ground and I saw a horse with a big clump of miss in his mouth chewing on it. Is this ok for rhe horse to digest? Thx!

MARGARET TERRY 112 days ago

Another advantage

This method of feeding will also prevent a cribber from using his feed tub to crib on since it isn't stationary.

Miriam 191 days ago

Feed tub

Great Idea thanks!

Karen ( 187 days ago