Steroid Alternative: Deer Velvet Antler

Nature's most remarkable healing and health promoting substances can repair, rebuild, and strengthen many areas of the body.

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Deer Velvet Antler steroid alternative

I have personal used this product with amazing results. I started using it for an injury that lingered way to long and saw immediate improvement. The other things I noticed over time was improved strength, mental clarity and motivation. I have not used it on my horse but based on what it did for me I'm sure it would work. The product I got came from a doctor. The company name on the bottle says Clearwater Nutrition Lab. I checked the website it appears this is only available through doctors.

Charles more than 5 years ago

Test Booster

A great alternative is a test booster too! This is the one i've been taking and it's worked really well so far

Brett Mass more than 6 years ago

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