Targeted Worm Control or Scheduled Deworming - Which is Better?

What we can do to slow the development of resistance to deworming medications

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Worm Encrusted?

A comment from our advisory board memeber:
I would love a bit more detail. Could be ulcers, foregut or hindgut or both, could be GMO feed, could be he needs more calories (i.e. Some fat), could be he needs less protein in his current diet, could be he needs herbs to support his GI tract........could be a lot of things, but most likely not worms.

Hope your summer is doing well!!!!


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Karen Tappenden more than 6 years ago

Encrusted Equine

My 17 yo TW has a hard time keeping weight on. His teeth have been done, and did a fecal egg count that showed he was "Clean" She suggests doing SmartPac's 5 day worming program to be sure he's not "Encrusted. I'm not comfortable with the idea for obvious reasons. What are your suggestions ? Thanks

Terri more than 6 years ago

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