Pigeon Fever in a Horse

Published in March of 2010

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Pigeon fever

My horse had pigeon fever 2 years ago. The vet came out we fixed and and sprayed everthere with bleach. The swelling didn't really go down one teat is much bigger that the other it doesn't bother her but I don't know what it is

Sarah Hoznour more than 5 years ago

Teat swelling

I had the exact same issue. Mare never foaled again. I have to assume it had to do with the PF. I dealt with swelling in the teat for over a year.

Tamara more than 4 years ago

Pigeon fever vitamin treatment

I have been dissolving pf abscesses with the NRC safe high level dosage of vitamin A for chronic usage, and alfalfa hay. My page on face book is Pigeon Fever. I have documented cases and research. It is my theory these horses are vitamin A deficient, thus letting in the bacteria. I am not a vet, but have found a Texas vet that agrees. Many vets have diagnosed, and watched the process work. I have many pictures.

Heidi Brydson more than 6 years ago

How much vitamin A?

How much Vitamin A do you give them? Please help!

Rhonda Welzel more than 5 years ago

Pigeon Fever

What is your formular for the pigeon fever ....Vitamin A and alfalfa hay?

Penny more than 4 years ago

Herbs that successfully rid my horse of pigeon fever

Early June my horse scraped herself on a mesquite bush. Two weeks later she had a 3ft by 1ft by 6in abscess hanging off the bottom of her abdomen. This was encased by, what I call, alligator skin. While waiting for the time to slice,dice and give antibiotics; I decided to give her a selection of herbs. I chose herbs that would be anti fungal, antibacterial, and diuretic in nature. They were Nettle Leaf, Cleaver, Dandelion Leaf, Rose Hips, with a few drops of Colloidal Silver, extra vitamin C, a little Garlic, Pau D' Archo , Flax Seed, and lots of fresh water available. On the fourth day the abscess was half gone. One the fifth day it was completely gone. She had successfully "pee-ed it out". I kept her on the herbs for a month. It has been three months since the start of this horrible adventure, with no re laps. Why is there no research on how effective herbs are on horses and illnesses. I find it very wrong that Pigeon Fever is not reported, and most states don't care. I am thankful that I chose the herbs and they worked. I am thankful that I did not have to work through the slice, dice and drain routine.

Pam Bouilly more than 6 years ago


Please post the dosage of each herb, route, duration (you stated she's been on them for three months but how many times a day or week) and does it go in water, feed or straight up!?
Thanks for the info, I want to get to this fast as he started showing symptoms yeaterday.

Tails more than 6 years ago

Pigeon fever

Did you get a response?

Linda Schrage more than 5 years ago


Did you get a reply of how to mix & when/how feed?

MZ couch more than 5 years ago

pigeon fever

how did you give the horse the herbs? Through the feed or topically on the affected areas?

Chrisyina Carpenter more than 6 years ago

Details on application of herbal remedy

Please advise the details on your protocol.

MZ couch more than 5 years ago

Recipe please

I need your recipe.please

Diana more than 4 years ago

Pigeon fever

Can you provide me with your "recipe" please. My 30 year old gelding was just diagnosed with pigeon fever and I'd like to have the homeopathic remedy on hand to try.

Susan more than 4 years ago

Pigeon Fevor herb recipe

Hi , I am interested in getting your recipe and or further guidence. My horse is suffering at this moment from the infection. Unfortunately found out it is able to infect in dead winter as it is in the ground from other bought's by other horses. Anyways I am realy interested in your success ! Please send ASAP !

Tod Morton more than 3 years ago


Did you get a confirmed diagnosis of PF?

Jen more than 3 years ago

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