The Impact of Whole Foods in the Spring

The idea of feeding our horses whole foods is becoming more common among horse care providers. But the specific, everyday application of truly effective whole food feeding is very different than simply offering your horse a few apples and carrots, especially when it comes to the positive impact of seasonal whole food feeding.

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Whole Food by season

Great ideas. We feed whole food and herbals. Love the philosphies and practices included here. Thank you.

Jacqueline Manning more than 4 years ago

Diarrhea in my 6 wk old colt

I read your article re wood chewers. My colt is chewing wood. Have noticed him w very liquid diarrhea. Should I feed him sunflower seeds? If so, how many how often and for how long ? Thank you for your work in this area.

Marilynn Tolmachoff more than 6 years ago

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