The Overweight Horse Who Won’t Stop Eating

-- Leptin Resistance is the Key!

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Obesity in Horses

We had a couple of horses, older that would eat and eat and eat no matter what. One had been foundered and no matter what we did this horse was hungry. Neither horse seemed to get full. We introduced some naturally occurring minerals mixed with a little grain along with their 'free' choice hay and everything changed. They were content not always standing at the feed bunk stuffing themselves.

Sandy Caruso more than 5 years ago

My overweight horses

I see many horses in my area with 24/7 round bale access that are obese... my horse was one of them. She never stopped eating when she was boarded... We bought a farm and now she's home. At 23 she needs to lose 150 lbs; grazing has ended and now she gets 4 hay meals = 1/2 bale a day and her 2 cups of grain (per the vet) twice a day. She is cranky and I don't know what else to do... My other horse willingly lets her eat her hay... we built slowfeeders for them... any other suggestions?

Carol more than 6 years ago

Overweight horse

Carol did you test your hay to make sure it's low in NSCs? Did you test your horse to see if she is Insulin Resistant? There are several supplements that can help ease a horse into a health life as an IR (check out Also, I would check the ingredients of your grain to make sure it does not have high NSC content. I have had the same experience with my gelding and it was all about feeding high quality, low sugar forage and not much else (I put his supplements in a tiny bit of alfalfa pellets). Magnesium can also be very helpful for horses with IR. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like more info.

Melanie more than 5 years ago

The overweight horse

This is an incredible article. For years, I have been practising this and advising friends to do the same. My mare had trigeminal neuralgia and her companion had a history of laminitis. With a diet of soaked beet, mixed vitamin powders, scoop of seaweed and rosehips; 50ml flaxseed oil and small handful of alfalfa with a tablespoon of raw blackstrap molasses the two of them thrived.

Amanda more than 6 years ago

oils and herbs from above article

what about sunflower oil. I use 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil to coat bermuda pellets for supplements. I have an obese donkey who just never looses weight no matter what I do. regarding the herbs: is there a formulated product already or what would the dosages of those above mentions herbs be? thanks

diana reese more than 7 years ago

Herb that reduce inflammation and increase antioxidants

There is an herbal supplement called Protandim that has Milk Thistle, Bacopa, Green Tea, Turmeric and Ashwagandha. It increases the own body's antioxidants and reduces oxidative stress by eliminating free radicals. If you would like more information contact me at

Melisa Harris more than 7 years ago

Sunflower oil is high in omega 6

Sunflower oil is high in pro inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. A better choice would be camelina oil, which has a much higher level of omega 3 fatty acids which are anti inflammatory. Camelina also has a high level of naturally occurring Vitamin E.
Wild Gold Cold Pressed Omega Oil is a the best source of camelina. There are 2 versions, straight camelina oil and the premium which has pre biotics, algae and aloe. Great products.

Will Friday more than 6 years ago

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