The Vaccination Debate - When Less is More


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West Nile

We lived in New Mexico and the West Nile virus was there. Only the old or sick horses seemed to die of it. Made sure my lot had strong immune systems, still do and two of them celebrate their 30th birthdays next year.

Jennifer Beckman more than 5 years ago

Rabies and Tetanus

This says nothing about rabies or tetanus. I wonder if there is titer information for these or if they are just recommended.

Susan Duby more than 5 years ago

Rabies and Tetanus

I am not a veterinarian but a horse owner. If you asked me, I'd say Rabies and Tetanus inoculation is one not to be skipped, especially for horses turned out in the pasture. We constantly receive outbreak alerts of rabid raccoons and other wild animals and considering the devastation and detriment of an infection, both rabies and tetanus, which is in the soil everywhere, I'd say at minimum, those two are the ones I'd certainly not skip.

Danni Gohemi more than 5 years ago

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