Toplines: Hands-On Approach and Nutritional Assistance

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Starved rescue

Does it ever get to a point where there is nothing you can do for an atrophied topline? My 20 yo ottb has a full rib cover and zero topline from wither to hip. I've used a spy supplement heavy in amino acids, lots of ground work and still over a year later nothing. Just wondering if the muscles are gone after her slow starvation of 3+ years.

Tara more than 5 years ago

Dr. William Ormstrom has answered your question

We usually don't expect to see problems that can't be helped until the horse is 30+. Cells require 3 things to grow. What has been done to insure that the nerve supply is adequate? What is the major source of protein in the horse's diet? What is the BMR? Basal metabolic rate as determined via morning temps. A low temp means nothing in the body is working at 100%.
He can be reached at his office:

Jubilee Animal Health
PO Box1055
Prosper, TX 75078

Karen ( more than 5 years ago

List good feeds and supplements

My 6y/o quarter horse mare, Star, has an awful top line. It seems like she won't gain any muscle at all in that general area. She gets sore on her back easily because of the lack of muscle and support around her spine. She does get good exercise. It would really help very much to know what feeds and supplements would be beneficial to her. Also what is a good quality hay that could work for her? Star currently gets 6-7lbs a day of Nutrena Pro Force Fuel, and about 20-25lbs of hay a day (fed twice a day). Sometimes I will let her graze in the yard.


Vera Blanco more than 5 years ago

what type of feed

i have a 14 yr old x thoroughbred racehorse i have him in heavy work almost constantly. he jumps and is preparing to event next season he is very muscly but i have noticed he has a very pour top line, he gets feed and hay everyday so i don't know whats wrong the only thing i can think of is that his saddle doesn't fit i have ordered a knew one though, hoping it gets better after that thnx, lilli

lilli thacker more than 5 years ago

What type of feed and how much?

I have a 14 yr old appendix barrel horse. He has been tested for worms and lime and nothing. His topline is bad from his withers to his pelvic region. His belly is full. No ribs showing. No change in attitude either he doesn't act in pain. Very energetic and happy but I know he's not living to his full potential. I don't want to waste my time and money on giving him the wrong feed. I am in desperate need of help.

Jade more than 6 years ago

What feed do you recommend ?

4 yr old Friesian - need to build up his top line

Sheri Cilano more than 6 years ago

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