Using Herbicide in Pastures

..Is spraying weeds in your pasture with an herbicide like Weedmaster toxic to horses?

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roundup?? seriously???

I can't imagine recommending roundup under ANY circumstances, let alone my horses pasture. This calls into question ALL your recommendations. I'm going elsewhere for information!

MissChievousRN more than 1 year ago

Stinging nettle

my horse rolled in stinging nettle on her shoulder area and below. she was walking sideways and stumbling, i thought she was going to fall and had a neurologic problem. until i learn more. any suggestions on how to help them through the pain (lasted 3 hours).

sharon cunningahm more than 2 years ago

Glyphosate aka roundup is patented as an can cause problems with the gut microbiome in all species.

We avoid it. Better safe than sorry.

Lisa Loos more than 2 years ago

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