Using Herbicide in Pastures

..Is spraying weeds in your pasture with an herbicide like Weedmaster toxic to horses?

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roundup?? seriously???

I can't imagine recommending roundup under ANY circumstances, let alone my horses pasture. This calls into question ALL your recommendations. I'm going elsewhere for information!

MissChievousRN 329 days ago

Stinging nettle

my horse rolled in stinging nettle on her shoulder area and below. she was walking sideways and stumbling, i thought she was going to fall and had a neurologic problem. until i learn more. any suggestions on how to help them through the pain (lasted 3 hours).

sharon cunningahm more than 1 year ago

Glyphosate aka roundup is patented as an can cause problems with the gut microbiome in all species.

We avoid it. Better safe than sorry.

Lisa Loos more than 1 year ago

Mare in ring