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Horse getting PEMF

What is PEMF?

A Therapeutic Tool that helps heal and control inflammation

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Everyone touting PEMF fails to address the SINGLE result to a cell, when subjected to pulsed magnetic waves. PEMF recharges any cell membrane that has lost some electrical potential due to injury, inflammation. By recharging the cell wall to approximately 70 microvolts, the cell can properly absorb nutrients and eliminate waste products ie. lactic acid. It also greatly increases the efficiency of the sodium pump mechanism of the cell. I wish all PEMF "practitioners" would explain this to their clients, rather than just say it's a "pain killer". If not, I feel PEMF will eventually be looked upon as a form of shock therapy, and be banned by certain associations. We must properly educate our clients and the "politically correct" general public. There is plenty of substantiating research published by the NIH on PEMF. One does not need to believe everything put out by the companies selling these units, with their "cure all" claims. PS I have used my PEMF machine for almost 6 years.

Chris Cahill DVM CVA more than 2 years ago

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