Why are Some Horses Mean?

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Evil Eye

I have a 4 yr old TB he doesn't know he's a race horse yet but everything I do he has the most nasty mean eye today we got him shod as he is on his heels to correct that I'm working with a farrier it took 3 of us to help and then he flipped over he has been trotting around a track but when I got on him the 1st time he bucked me off I'm healing now but want to know how to get the aggression out of him. He has a girlfriend so I'm thinking of trotting them out 2gether to see if this helps or if that fails send him away to a pre trainer? Everyone says get rid of him but I say he just doesn't know what he's supposed to do yet when we bought him from the breeders he was ok to float but he just wants to eat now please give me your thoughts? Vet says he's healthy

Dannii Stanley more than 6 years ago

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