Wormers, TOXIC Reaction & NATURAL Alternatives

chemical wormers at an alarming rate!

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Strongid paste

Killed my perfectly healthy mule because it does not include the baby worm cases in gut & bloodstr. Once small strongyle worms die babies pop out en masse to replace them causing severe colic, bleeding out, and a liver overload so great it splits open. A horrible death for fine animal and this has happened to stables and pastures full of dead horses overnight as European and Australian vets have written. This destroyed my life too.

Ann Alejandro more than 4 years ago


How long after giving strongid did your mule died? We had a 4 month old filly given strongid and died within 24h

John more than 2 years ago

Natural Deworming for equines

I rely on common sense and it seems this post is on to that. Regarding the Herbs which are helpful in the combating of worms for horses, what does a Practitioner recommend ? Meaning, daily feed through, rotational dosages throughout the year, and of what compounds? I am not locked into any "opinions" but find your information something that I would like to explore further. Thank you for good information.

Mary Alice Kiehl more than 6 years ago

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