YEAST: Friend and Foe of the Horse

Yeast is a microscopic fungus that grows on plant sugars

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If I start feeding brewers yeast how much should I feed a horse that is about 1000 lbs. In good health and or only a couple times a week or what ??

If I start to feed brewers yeast how much and how often to my 1000 lb. Horse

Glenna Delp more than 3 years ago


My 13 year old gelding has developed diarrhea over this past year. My vet tested for sand and says he has sand in the gut but I have done sand rid for 6 months straight and no change. It seems to come and go, not sure what triggers it. Its like human colitis. I have also put him on grass hay when I was feeding the sand-rid but the same results. A farrier told me to try 1/2 C of baking yeast with his grain for 3 days and see if that would help? I have not done that...I have ordered some probiotics and will try that but wondering if there is anything else you would recommend? Is there someone else who has dealt with this? I appreciate any suggestions you have.

Michelle Despain more than 4 years ago

So Many recomendation

We have published many articles that may be insightful.
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And many of our advertisers have nutritionist on staff that publish articles that may help guide you through this.
Best of Luck

Karen ( more than 4 years ago

Ready made horse feed

Do you know of a product that has all the benefits and all of the above in a complete feed?

Debbie more than 4 years ago


Try some Biosponge from buellton California from Equine Performance. My horse had the scours for a month till I put him on Biosponge and some probiotics. You may also use food grade betonite clay with probiotics to help too. This will work for the gas , bloating and scours. Fixes the gastric ulcers and pulls out the toxins and aids in the fermentation of the hingut. My lame vet wanted to pull all the teeth out of my 33 years old gelding. The equine dentist said the vet was crazy if the horse loves to eat and he's has plenty of healthy weight it must be the hind gut and probable old age ulcers from lack of minerals and probiotics.

Anne more than 3 years ago

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