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swollen sheath

Had this problem with the swollen sheath. Quarter horse is 19 now. Since he was five. He has had in the winter had this swollen sheath. Once it swelled so much it split. I never noticed it. He was stalled. Anyhow, it recurs every winter mostly. Vets don't seem to have an answer. He enjoys it being cleaned and scrubbed. Isn't hot. Movement seems to have something to do with it. So, circulation or lymph flow?I do herbs. Have used the inf-x twice this winter, also the kidney was recommended. So, he has had both and some immune herbs. He is better on the herbs. Just not sure it's the solution and at this point ,just treating symptoms perhaps?I'm just where I don't know what to do. He has had a cough since summer also.Our weather here has been hard to allow us to actually get in to the vet for that. He just coughs once when he trots. He runs and has improved. We will have him scoped i guess. He has had herbs for respiratory too. What I don
t understand is how herbs work . The length of time to use them. Could you help me understand that. My friend, Travis would greatly appreciate it. I used to use garlic and kelp and a couple other herbs which he really enjoyed. I just really need a holistic vet. Thanks so much.

RJ more than 5 years ago