The Debate Over Heel Support in Horse Hoof Care

Many non-professional farriers simply do not understand proper shoe fit, using whatever shoes they have

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Seedy Toe

I am looking for the best most natural approach to treating Seedy toe, my farrier has had to cut away quite a large section of the hoof wall to get rid of the compromised hoof, i am cleaning it out with a toothbrush and peroxide and then i dress it with a mixture of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, lavender essential oil and some cold pressed olive oil, just as a carrier oil... (these were the ingredients i had in the house) i have read that tea tree and eucalyptus oil could help... anyone have some advice for me i am driving in to town tomorrow to get some supplies...

Cornelia more than 6 years ago

Hind feet

You only address the front feet. How much length on the rear?

Suzanne more than 6 years ago

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