Do You Speak “Horse”?

Tapping into the thoughts and emotions of the horse presents an interesting twist in the training philosophy

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Can I hear my horse through pictures

I have recently been having thoughts about a horse I previously owned. The thoughts are very disturbing so I contacted the new owner and she said that he had gone from a very sweet horse to rogue and dangerous. I want to buy him back because I believe he is not happy. These thoughts haunt me every day. Is it my imagination or am I picking up thoughts (pictures) from him? Am I receiving telepathic information or just imagining? I want to help him. Its killing me and the new owner has shut me out. Also, since she won't consider letting me buy him back, is there anything I can do to make him feel better? I care about him more than anything.

VICKIE LARAINE VOELZ more than 1 year ago

Horse communication

I have been taking my 2 horses to the ocean to rehab one that was lame. He let me know exactly what he needed, when he was ready to move faster, when he was ready to slow down and when he was done. By listening to him over several months, he completely transformed and his healing became healing for his mind, body and spirit and he became the powerful, amazing horse he was put on this earth to be. Very powerful experience.

Felisa Holmberg more than 6 years ago

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