Horse Misbehavior: A Horse or a Human Problem?

Emily's history with horses came from a traditional background in showing and training where the horse was never given a voice or a choice.

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From Animal Communicator Anita Curtis

I have seen many instances where animals have responded to our request for help. It is certainly not a fluke. Some animals excel at being therapy workers and go above and beyond what is expected of them as they help us. Be sure to thank Eddie for his help.
The next step is telepathically hearing the animal. This can be learned and is a wonderful tool to enable us to understand their needs.

Anita Curtis more than 6 years ago


I love this article on the body scan idea. I would like to share something I experienced the other day with my senior gelding Eddie. I recently got two new mare boarders and the one is a POA who has been semi feral and I have been helping the boarder with her. One day I was pretty frustrated with this POA not being able to catch her. I went to Eddie and asked him to help me catch her and he followed me over to her and boxed her in so I could. Then the other day he did it again. I really don't feel like this is a fluke thing. I truly believe that if you can present yourself to them telepathically they get it. Do you agree? I would very much be interested to hear what you have to say. thank you Laurie Allen

Laurie Allen more than 6 years ago

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