Now Offers Equine ID Microchips, Scanners, Theft Prevention Aids; Continues to Search for the Missing

The website offers the first all-equine ID microchip registry deemed the ‘NetPosse Identification Program’ (NIP). .

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I am looking for a bay gelding that got taken to four forks rescue in Northville Louisiana back in 2013 after a family member passed away his two daughters took my horse off of their deceased fathers property and sent my horse to the four forks rescue where the owners of four forks sold my horse for $50.00 before I even got told he had been sent there and I have contacted the place trying to find out who bought my horse and where he is located so I could try and get him back but they will only tell me the horse was bought and is now in Texas with his new owners. The horse was15 hand about1200pd and has a white star in his forehead and he means the world to me because I bought him from my uncle that passed away before he died I just had not had time to move him to my place before his two daughters sent him to four forks rescue where he got sold for$50.00!!! His name is mud duck and I want to find him and get him back where he belongs with me his real owner so please please pretty please help me find my horse!!! My name is Russell Farrar my phone number is 318-422-2654

Please help me find my horse and get him back

Russell E Farrar 343 days ago

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