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Seedy toe solutions

Have too much cattle grass, too much rain and my warmblood mare loves to eat, hence she has seedy toe. She wears a muzzle 6-8 hrs a day to keep her weight in check. I have no dry lot to restrain her in either ( just a run in for weather). I feed her high fat low starch feed with extra supplements (flax, MSm, calcium, magnesium, sea kelp, iodine, vit c, chromium yeast, biotin, Alfa lipotic acid and co q 10.) I trim her feet every 3 weeks and use copper sulfate in the hole. Every time it rains, she goes lame, so I have to do epsom salt soaks. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Mahalo

Kathy more than 1 year ago

horse feed non-GMO, organic

Would like to more about non-GMO and organic horse feeds. I give my 2 BIG percheron/crosses Triple Crown 30%, which is mostly vitamins, minerals, etc. but it does have soybean and wheat midlings in it which are probably GMO products. Looking for a more natural feed but want them to get essential nutrients. One of them is IR, they both don't get enough exercise and need to keep sugars and carbs low.

Martha Masiello more than 1 year ago