A wide variety of treatment options to manage pain and control swelling in the horse. more


Lorrie Bracaloni explains how to keep our horse wealthy, what to do when there is an emergency, and what to do before the vet arrives. more

Because we are a “living system” and are habiting in other living systems, we are all influencing each other with subtle electromagnetic waves whether we recognize it or not. more



ask Holistic Horse

“Swollen Leg Syndrome” is frustrating, but can be managed successfully. more

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Either halter and loosely tie your horse or have him free in a small confined area such as a stall. Ground and center yourself by taking in deep breaths and letting the thoughts in your mind go. more


Horse Canine teeth

Karen Tappenden

Integrative modalities to help treat dental issues in horses more

Equine Wellness

Acupuncture on a horse

Karen Tappenden

Detox support via acupressure, a treatment you can do on your horse to support him thru that time more


How to relieve allergic reactions by Balancing the Immune System acupuncture to the horse more


Horses often express the awakening yang in outbursts of exuberance, playful bucking and romping, aggression and mood shifts; mares resume cycling. more


Using the horse's ear to combat problems in the horse by doing acupressure on the acupuncture points in the ear. more


Topics at the AHVMA conference this year included The Healing Power of Homeopathy, Introduction to Bach Flowers, Cough and Asthma in Horses, Natural Hoof Care, Effects of Symptom Suppression, Chinese Herbal Medicine etc.. more


Every horse owner knows that when a horse stops eating, something is definitely wrong and the horse needs immediate attention. more


Start by finding a comfortable location for you and your horse where it is calm and you both can relax. Slowly, take three even breaths in and out. Think about how you want to help your horse and strengthen his digestion. more


  • Acupressure Chart

    Tallgrass Publications

    Acupressure Chart

    Points to stimulate in the horse for weather changes

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