9 Points for Clearing Blocked Energy

Mark Updike

Integrated Energy Healing (IET) is a healing technique that clears and balances the energy field. With light touch, suppressed emotions that block the natural flow of energy are released. It works on clearing away any negative emotions and patterns more

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Have you ever tried to walk when one of your legs has “fallen asleep”? Not being able to feel when your foot hits the ground can make walking difficult. Many of us have experienced this temporary proprioception problem. more



Aly Rattazzi, Rather Be Riding Photography

Newly adapted to the equine industry in the last decade, craniosacral therapy is a uniquely efficient way to keep horses in biomechanical balance and maintain skeletal and muscular health. more


The conformation of the rider's pelvis can impact the rhythm of the horse in movement, and affect the harmony between horse and rider. more

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