DVM Bill Ormston

IMPORTANCE OF BLANKET FIT on your horse Read more


Kissing spines, an impingement of the dorsal spinous processes, may be a major component in sore backs in horses. The condition is defined by the tops of the bones of the spinal column being too close together. Read more


Water is an easy, effective, available therapeutic agent Read more

Equine Wellness

Have you ever tried to walk when one of your legs has “fallen asleep”? Not being able to feel when your foot hits the ground can make walking difficult. Many of us have experienced this temporary proprioception problem. Read more


Several alternative wound therapies may be useful while you wait for the vet to arrive, or for follow-up treatment. The important thing is to have these remedies on hand Read more


Gait analysis can aid in the prevention of more serious lameness problems. Do you know how to analyze your horse’s stride? Gait analysis is one of the most important things horse owners can learn to do. Read more


Health is the body’s ability to handle physical, chemical, and emotional stress without losing its physical, chemical, and emotional balance. So many forms of stress threaten this balance: Read more


That trauma of birth invariably causes vertebral subluxations that can only be treated by chiropractic adjustment. New foals can be adjusted as soon as they can stand up and nurse. Read more


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June 20, 2019


June 22, 2019

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