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Horse Heroes Research Project will make a permanent record of the contributions of America’s horses and mules to World War I available to the public Read more

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Donkey's of Ethiopia

Brooke USA

When working horses and donkeys carry heavy loads to market for several hours over many miles in Ethiopia, they are often tethered in the hot African sun all day, with their tongues/jaws tied down. Read more

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Brooke USA has announced a huge milestone for Brooke’s global animal welfare and advocacy work Read more

Brooke USA Buy a Donkey A Drink

Brooke USA

In drought-prone developing countries, survival is difficult enough without the added burden of life-threatening heat stress and exhaustion. That's true for humans and for equine animals Read more

The Board of Directors of Brooke USA has officially welcomed Jim Wolf to the equine welfare charity. Read more

Horse Garbage


The World’s Largest International Equine Welfare Charity Begins Work in Mexico Read more

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall welcomed a group of Brooke USA supporters to an afternoon tea. Read more

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