Carolyn Crew

Horse drinking water from tub


Carolyn Crew discusses water sources and their safety. Read more


A wide variety of treatment options to manage pain and control swelling in the horse. Read more


Horse drinking water from tub


Carolyn Crew discusses water sources and their safety. Read more


A product profile about an equine supplement Equitek Read more

Healing Touch for Animals

Rick Giase

When a horse’s energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through his body becomes congested. Any type of stress, whether physical or mental causes this congestion. Read more

, Therapy

Horse working at summer camp

Andrea de Carlo

As the spring days grow longer the promise of a fun-filled summer begins to blossom as parents start their search for the perfect camp. Read more



Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institue

Muscle soreness is a fact of life. Inflamed muscles may result from exercise, ill-fitting tack, improper shoeing, and bad riding techniques, individually or in combination. Read more

Therapy 5 Comments

Horse Therapy

Felisa Holmberg

Now, much like yoga, reiki and other self-discovering modalities, a variety of equine learning programs are re-emerging as a way to reconnect with our inner selves relax, and find a path to self-enrichment. Read more

Equine Wellness

Producer of Medicine Horse

Jennifer Esperanz

“Horses have an unusual ability to help us slow down, connect and explore the mythological place of higher consciousness.” Read more


The concept of slow feeding employs a continuous feeding method that allows your horse to constantly forage, thereby stimulating his digestive system and his mind Read more


Karen Schell

Canker is a fairly rare and mysterious infection that affects the frog, heel and underlying structures of the hoof. It is generally described as a degenerative dermatitis whereby the lamella becomes swollen, soft and spongy, resembling rotten caulif Read more

Equine Wellness



The onset of high grain and forage prices and pastures plagued by droughts and other unpredictable weather patterns has many farmers looking to find economical, sustainable alternatives to traditional feeds. Read more

Equine Wellness 3 Comments

feeder with nibble net.jpg


A slow feeder system provides constant foraging, reducing stress and allowing the intestinal bacteria to remain balanced, therefore reducing the likelihood of colic or loose stools. Read more

Equine Wellness

Nature's most remarkable healing and health promoting substances can repair, rebuild, and strengthen many areas of the body. Read more

Equine Wellness 2 Comments

Holistic Veterinary

Holistic horse

Integrative Medicine takes a more holistic approach to animal disorders than the present medical model that focuses mainly on neutraceutical solutions. Read more

Equine Wellness

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