Clay Nelson

Compost Bin

Clay Nelson

Lean how to compost horse manure and other things in the winter time more

Equine Wellness

manure pile


Converting horse manure into heat and electricity more

Equine Wellness

Compost Bin

Clay Nelson

One reason horses make great compost is the simple fact that they are quite prodigious at generating the needed starting ingredient. more

In the Field

When your building materials are “green,” your farm’s environmental footprint is reduced more

Equine Wellness

Advances in renewable energy technology are making green energy options more and more accessible to both large and small farm owners. more

Equine Wellness

The two draft horses wait patiently, a pair of chainsaws dangling from their harnesses, as local timber harvester John Hartman stands over the trunk of a downed poplar tree. more

Equine Wellness

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