The Equine Eco Green solution is a new take on recycled bedding more

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manure pile


Converting horse manure into heat and electricity more

Equine Wellness

We believe we have many of the pieces to make a difference with our business, saving fossil fuel through recovering heat from decomposing biomass, and making composts to meet the future needs of our soils and plants more

Equine Wellness

Fossil Shell Flour (DE) diatoms do not pass through the gut the same way they enter into the gut. more

Equine Wellness

The one force of nature that leaves me feeling paralyzed and helpless is lightning. In New England, we’ve already had a few storms that left us saying, “WOW! That was intense.” more

Equine Wellness

Nature's Hidden Remedy, Flea and parasite remedy also benefits nails and bone strength. more

Equine Wellness

Composting is actually the decomposition of various organic materials, reverting their physical state into a form where those materials can be readily taken up by plants to grow and sustain their biological needs. more

Equine Wellness

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