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Growing evidence, collected by international equine educational programs like Equitopia, are revealing how impactful the environment is on horses’ performance and learning, as well as mental and physical health. Read more

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When a horse cribs, they grasp an object with their upper front teeth, pull back, arch their neck, and appear to draw air into their esophagus while making a characteristic grunt, then release the air. Read more

Equine Wellness

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Gastrointestinal health and proper digestion are paramount to equine health, soundness, and performance. Read more

Equine Wellness

Research Published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science: Behavioural and Physiological Responses of Therapy Horses to Mentally Traumatized Humans Read more


The Kentucky Horse Council has announced they will be awarding two $1,500 scholarships to Kentucky students already attending college, or accepted into a college who have demonstrated academic success, equine industry involvement and community servic Read more

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If you haven’t already started to “go green” in your barn, you might consider getting a head start this month. Read more

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Karen Tappenden

Researchers from Poland[i] set out to determine the effect of music played in the barn, on the emotional state of racehorses. Many horse owners have found that music has an apparent calming effect on fear, aggression, and overall stress. Read more

Equine Wellness

race horse warming up

Karen Tappenden

Santa Anita Race Track and Eclipse Sportswire are collaborating to offer a horse racing photojournalism workshop at Santa Anita on March 28-30th Read more

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Materia Medica of Herbs to use on horses safely Read more


An ebook Herbal blends that are beneficial to horses health Read more


Equine Herbal Energetics

Stacey Small

A handy reference book to better understand herbs, their action, and their value in herbal blends. Enjoy this fantastic journey through the wonder so plants for you and your horses. Read more

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Great progress has been made, in Koch’s lab, by PhD student Sarah Lepage, in collaboration with Dr. Rita Kandel from the University of Toronto. They are putting together a protocol for making tissue engineered cartilage constructs Read more


This two-day event will provide lecture and hands on learning, discussing topics from lameness to laminitis, saddle fitting, how to conduct a physical exam, medications and impact of nutrition on equine health. Read more

Equine Affaire will return to the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, MA, November 12th through the 15th and feature an educational program that will include hundreds of clinics, seminars, and demonstrations. Read more

In keeping with ACTHA’s expanded mission of better horsemanship and improved educational opportunities for their participants, they are pleased to announce their new In Hand Division in Arena Obstacle Challenges (AOC’s). Read more

What would happen if we could understand horses on a deeper level, and really connect with their way of communicating? Read more

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