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Tendons and ligaments are specialized forms of connective tissue.  Tendons connect muscle to bone.  Ligaments are anchored on the bone at both ends.  Both are composed of interwoven strands of type I collagen protein in a structure much like a rope. Read more


horse drinking water from bucket


Water is the number-one nutrient fed to any animal and is the most often overlooked nutrient in any species’ nutritional program. Read more

Equine Wellness

right horse initiative

Right Horse Initiative

The Right Horse Initiative seeks to reward innovation by supporting organizations thinking creatively about how to rehome more at-risk horses. Read more

Horse in dry lot


Following your gut instinct is good advice in some situations, but gut, and even good old common sense can also be wrong. This is where fact and science come in. Read more

Equine Wellness

Hoof Trim


If you ask me which is more difficult for an owner to get right, I’d say the trim. If you ask a talented hoof professional, they would usually say diet. It’s actually a trick question. Read more

Hoof Care

Luckily, there’s more you can do than start your rides with your fingers crossed! SmartPak has identified three common health problems that are often mistaken as “bad behavior”, along with smart solutions for less stress and more fun in the saddle. Read more

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Salt, chemically known as sodium chloride (NaCl) is fundamental to your horse’s well-being. Even horses who are not working require a daily supply. Read more

Equine Wellness

In addition to a physical exam, the vet may also perform a dental exam, administer vaccinations, and give advice on the most appropriate parasite control method. Read more

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Everyone loves Spring, but as a horse owner you may be anxious about the possibility of pasture- associated laminitis (PAL) if you let your horse graze those tantalizing and luscious new growths of pasture. How great is the risk? Can you avoid it? Read more

Equine Wellness

Dry Lot vs Pasture


The big key to frost seeding is timing.  There are usually a couple of weeks when the freezing and thawing of the ground occurs. This back and forth process is what pulls the seed into the ground. Read more

Equine Wellness

Detox article-Cavalor (002).jpg

Courtesy Cavalor

These challenges can often upset a horse’s delicate digestive system that will need to be repaired before peak performance can then again be achieved. Read more

Equine Wellness

The best methods for dealing with ice and improving the footing in areas where water has accumulated and the frozen, or with worn snow packed footpaths are fairly natural. Read more

Equine Wellness

choosing nutritional or health supplements for your horse doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Read more

Equine Wellness

Check out what’s hiding under the blanket or winter coat! Read more

Equine Wellness

Dr. Harman has been weaving Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic care and acupuncture together for nearly 30 years to create individualized treatment options for her clients. Read more

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SmartPak is here to help you support your horse’s joints from the inside out with expert advice and exclusive deals on best-selling supplements — only at SmartPak, only through January! Read more

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Aly Rattazzi, Rather Be Riding Photography

CranioSacral Therapy to help with headaches in the horse and the rider. Read more

Equine Wellness

Coughing Horse

Paula deSilva

The Causes of Coughing in horses Read more

Equine Wellness

  • Equine tongue

    Shari Frederiks

    Equine tongue

    Equine Tongue with ulcer

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