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In addition to a physical exam, the vet may also perform a dental exam, administer vaccinations, and give advice on the most appropriate parasite control method. Read more

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The new innovative, effective, and all-natural way to safely support and balance the equine endocrine system. Read more

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These challenges can often upset a horse’s delicate digestive system that will need to be repaired before peak performance can then again be achieved. Read more

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Dr. Eleanor Kellon, staff veterinary specialist for Uckele Health & Nutrition, is an established authority in the field of equine nutrition for over 30 years. Read more

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Dr. Eleanor Kellon, staff veterinary specialist for Uckele Health & Nutrition, is an established authority in the field of equine nutrition for over 30 years Read more

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Dr. Harman has been weaving Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic care and acupuncture together for nearly 30 years to create individualized treatment options for her clients. Read more

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frankenstoen from Portland, Oregon

Supportive supplements for horse and human Read more

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Coughing Horse

Paula deSilva

The Causes of Coughing in horses Read more

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Developer of HEIRO, the Popular Insulin Resistance Supplement, Launches HAPP-E-MARE, a Fast-Acting Supplement to Calm Mares During Reproductive Cycle Read more

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hemp stalk

Hemp Stalk - KYHempsters - CoFounders, Kirstin Bohnert, Alyssa Faith Erickson

The ingredients tag on your commercial feed says it all. Protein source? Likely, soybeans. Fat source? Likely, soybean oil. But the love affair with soy is starting to fade. Read more

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Horse eating


Targeted nutrition or specific nutrient supplementation in addition to daily requirements is now being used as a therapeutic tool in preventing and combating physical and emotional disorders. Read more

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Insulin resistance is an inflammatory condition. Metabolic syndrome in humans is associated with elevation of a number of inflammatory proteins called cytokines but the picture in horses is far less clear Read more

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Attendees to the NO LAMINITIS Conference excited about the collaboration with colleagues. Read more

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A NEW exciting line of unique equine supplements, developed specifically for the Competition horse and tested free from FCSs Read more

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Dry Paddock next to spring grass


Given the option, every horse will gorge on the succulent young grasses and largely ignore anything else you try to get them to eat, including grains in many cases! Read more

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Omega 3

topteen - Fotolia

There’s been a lot of hype about incorporating Omega Fatty Acids (OFA) into your horse’s diet and the profound health benefits they can offer. Knowing when or if your horse needs additional OFAs and sifting through the saturated marketplace Read more

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An interview with Dr. Joyce Harman, an integrative veterinarian on insulin resistance in horses Read more


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