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Insulin resistance is an inflammatory condition. Metabolic syndrome in humans is associated with elevation of a number of inflammatory proteins called cytokines but the picture in horses is far less clear more

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Attendees to the NO LAMINITIS Conference excited about the collaboration with colleagues. more

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A NEW exciting line of unique equine supplements, developed specifically for the Competition horse and tested free from FCSs more

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Given the option, every horse will gorge on the succulent young grasses and largely ignore anything else you try to get them to eat - including grains in many cases! more

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Omega 3

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There’s been a lot of hype about incorporating Omega Fatty Acids (OFA) into your horse’s diet and the profound health benefits they can offer. Knowing when or if your horse needs additional OFAs and sifting through the saturated marketplace more

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An interview with Dr. Joyce Harman, an integrative veterinarian on insulin resistance in horses more


A good topline is an indication of excellent muscle tone and suppleness, and allows the horse to move well and be at his maximum athleticism, as well as creating a better appearance more

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Shipping a Horse

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It is critical that your horse be in top physical health before embarking to an unfamiliar area. more

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Sprouted Mung Bean Seeds

Good nutrition depends on more than a food’s quantity of vitamins and minerals. The real potential lies in the photochemical and enzyme content. more

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Fat areas on a horse

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Classifications for how the body of the horse appears to the eye, is based on a nine point system. more

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Stabul Nuggets Horse Treats were developed with the needs of Cushing's, Insulin Resistant, EMS, EPSM Colic, Founder and Laminitic horses in mind. more

Dr. Joyce Harman offers tips on gut health during the change of season more

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Camelina Oil

The type of oil you choose can have a significant impact on your horse’s health more

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Arenus is proud to offer the equine community free nutritional consultation and guidance. more

SmartPak offers helpful tips and products to keep you and your horse cool this summer more

In-depth discussions of the equine digestive tract invariably mention pH, especially in reference to the stomach and hindgut. What is pH and how does it factor in the well-being of horses? more

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Hay Drive

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Methods can influence its appropriateness for horses. more

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stacked hay


Feeding new hay to your horses, what to look for... more

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April 25, 2018

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