essential oils

Essential oils can support the complex messaging that occurs throughout the nervous system. Due to their regenerative and soothing properties, essential oils can address the root causes of acute and chronic conditions, helping the neurons transmit an more


essential oils


When done correctly, it can provide many benefits beyond the physical, including the release of buried traumas and behavioral patterning that affect training and ridability and ultimately the horse’s wellbeing. more

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ask Holistic Horse

“Swollen Leg Syndrome” is frustrating, but can be managed successfully. more

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Trimming the Toe

Holistic Horse

How the hooves are effected by dental issues in the horses mouth. more

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Most snakes do not want anything to do with humans, but when startled or feel threatened they will defend themselves. more


Zephyr's Garden

Zephyr's Garden

Don't let summer itches drive your horse crazy! more

Horses with bone infections that are not healed conventionally do have options more


For optimal maintenance, clean the sheath once per month. Add about a half a cap or less of Thieves essential oil household cleanser to a half gallon of warm water. more

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Horse Canine teeth

Karen Tappenden

Integrative modalities to help treat dental issues in horses more

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KnH_Bucket Feeding.jpg

Kerri Reginbal

Celebrate your new arrival this spring, and give him or her a healthy start with these tips to handle "Foals' Firsts": more

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Acupunctre on a Horse

Linda Umla

A list of therapies useful to battle Laminitis in the horse more


Harry Eating a Hawthorn

Victoria Ferguson

Have you ever noticed your horse, dog or cat eating a certain plant in your garden or out in the field? You may be witnessing Zoopharmacognosy more

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Foot Absecess


An abscess is the body’s response to an infection or invasion of a foreign object. Abscesses can be found just about anywhere on or inside a horse's body. Use adjunctive therapies to assist in healing. more

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Holistic Horse

Most experts agree that once a tendon is injured, it may not fully recover to its pre-injury state. However, by utilizing all the tools available, both standard and complementary, we can help our horses reach their recovery potential. more


When using aromatherapy with foals, I like the idea of allowing the foal to bond with its mother before introducing essential oils more


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