fly prevention

Absorbine's Fly Mask

With a totally reimagined design incorporating advanced fabrics and high-tech features, the UltraShield® Fly Mask is positioned to be one of the hottest new products of 2016. Read more

What types of things can you do or use to keep the bugs at bay? Are there things that you can put in their food? Is there any apparel that can be used? The answer, is 'yes' to both and SmartPak has some of those answers for you. Read more

Using pennies in a plastic bag to keep flies away. Read more

Equine Wellness

Standing water is mosquito breeding ground heaven. Along with eliminating all standing water sites on your property, try these tips to keep those buzzing, biting bugs at bay. Read more

Equine Wellness

  • fly protection for horses


    fly protection for horses

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February 24, 2019

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