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We list the herbs safe to use for horses with breathing problems more

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Does anyone have any experience with garlic as a mosquito repellent and/or larvae killer? more

Equine Wellness

Homeopathic preparations of aconite and sulfur can be used to combat the fever and help detox the body. Remember to treat the similimum (symptomatic picture you are seeing). --Dr. Ed Sheaffer, Palmyra, PA more

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Garlic effectively repels hundreds of insects including army worms, fire ants, and grasshoppers. Garlic Garlic disrupts insect light sensors, is long lasting, can become systemic, and may be combined with a foliar. more


How to Make Fly Spray

Mary Ann Simonds and Holistic Horse TV

From fly sprays to bedding to herbs to deter those biting insects, Shari Frederick shares the secret to natural fly control. more

Equine Wellness

Colloidal silver is used to fight bacteria and viral infection. more

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