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Sten Porse CC 3.0

Help for physical and emotional change Read more

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frankenstoen from Portland, Oregon

Supportive supplements for horse and human Read more

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Circulating long-chain omega-3 levels and inflammatory eicosanoid biomarkers were clinically studied last year in Standardbred harness racing horses by researchers at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island (Canada) in a randomized bl Read more


Developer of HEIRO, the Popular Insulin Resistance Supplement, Launches HAPP-E-MARE, a Fast-Acting Supplement to Calm Mares During Reproductive Cycle Read more

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All those beautiful images of horses grazing on manicured lawns—so prominently featured in the multitude of advertisements for equine supplements—make it easy to forget that our best friends are actually foragers. Read more

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Witch hazel extract is a natural astringent hydrosol made from the bark, leaves, and stems of the witch hazel shrub or tree. Read more

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Shipping a Horse

Karen Tappenden

With travel and competition season just around the corner, "show nerves" are common. Agitated, nervous horses that are normally well behaved may benefit from nutritional calming. Read more

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Arnica Montana - the Emergency Plant for humans and animals Read more

Equine Wellness

A NEW exciting line of unique equine supplements, developed specifically for the Competition horse and tested free from FCSs Read more

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Nevada’s Mustangs Glow on Whole Equine’s All Natural Products Read more

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Materia Medica of Herbs to use on horses safely Read more


An ebook Herbal blends that are beneficial to horses health Read more


Equine Herbal Energetics

Stacey Small

A handy reference book to better understand herbs, their action, and their value in herbal blends. Enjoy this fantastic journey through the wonder so plants for you and your horses. Read more

, Educational

A helpful herb to boost the immune system, enhance strength and treat a variety of ailments. Read more

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Holistic Horse

Enlist these powerful plant allies to fight anemia and create balance Read more

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Coughing Horse

Paula deSilva

When your horse is coughing, focusing on the quality of the cough can help you determine the best way to bring balance. Read more

Equine Wellness

Arenus Citrus CQ


New launch of Equilite Herbal product line for horses. Read more

Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater green micro-algae, containing abundant chlorophyll, as well as essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein and antioxidants. Read more

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  • Valarian Root


    Valarian Root

    Valarian Root

  • F.carica



  • Horses sniffing each other


    Horses sniffing each other

  • Cordyceps sinensis

    Nicolas Merky

    Cordyceps sinensis

    Cordyceps sinensis Nicolas Merky) [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Turkey Tail


    Turkey Tail

    Turkey Tail mushroom CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Reishi

    frankenstoen from Portland, Oregon


    frankenstoen from Portland, Oregon (reishi mushrooms) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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