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Back on Track® has built their business around supporting the health and well-being of the animals. First, with their Welltex line of Therapy Equipment and most recently with the development of the Limber Up® LiniMint™ line of next generation topical Read more

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Following your gut instinct is good advice in some situations, but gut, and even good old common sense can also be wrong. This is where fact and science come in. Read more

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Horses are herbivores and are genetically predisposed to free graze a variety of herbs, for age, and grasses. Since their domestication, horses are no longer able to roam free to select the herbs they instinctively seek for nutritional value. Read more

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Horses have tremendous athletic potential, but they did not evolve to do most things we ask of them and conditioning is necessary. Read more

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The alternative of locking a horse alone in a stall or paddock is much more stressful and allowing obesity and laminitis to occur is cruel and expensive,” Dr. Harman Read more

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Both omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids. They are called essential because the horse's body can't manufacture them. They are also called essential because the body needs them - both of them. Read more

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ThinLine Global introduces two styles of horse boots from its new Flexible Filly line:  Closed-Front Splint Boots and Air Shock Horse Boots. Read more

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SmartPak is excited to introduce thenewest SmartHoof formula to their line of exclusive SmartSupplements. Read more

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Given the option, every horse will gorge on the succulent young grasses and largely ignore anything else you try to get them to eat, including grains in many cases! Read more

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Ms DeJohnette's Ohana Farm is the only boutique boarding facility in Massachusetts to offer Self Selection and now the classical and holistic horse trainer is 'going social' with Holistic Horse Media Read more

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A veterinarian’s observation for allergies Read more

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Pairing Science and Empirical Insight to Help Understand Equine Behavior - - Holistic Horse Issue 99 Read more

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Holistic Horse Has special pricing for advertisers who want to bundle their advertising. Read more


An interview with Melyni Worth, Ph. D. P.A.S. Founder of Foxden Equine. Originally from Great Britain, by way of Kenya, Dr. Worth has a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Biochemistry from Newcastle University, received a Masters in Equine Nutrition. Read more

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Your horse is ‘off,’ doesn’t perform like he used to, has unexplained lameness, is stiff or doesn’t want to pick up a lead. It may be time to involve an equine bodywork practitioner. How do you find the equine bodyworker who is right for your horse? Read more



Snakes come out of hibernation in early spring and are out and about all summer long. You may encounter snakes on trail rides, particularly in rocky areas, high grass, and thick brush. Snakes may even lurk in your own barn, hoping to feast on rodents Read more

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