Bottom horse hoof


Causes, symptoms, and treatment of thrush in horses Read more


Understanding hoof and heel pain in the horse Read more


hair on blub


How to Recognize Symptoms, Treat, and Heal this Stubborn Infection Read more


Learn about the severity of different kinds of hoof cracks. Read more


Complimentary Educational Posters – Including Shipping & Handling - Now Available! Read more

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Monique Craig

Thrush, a foul-smelling black pus, can sometimes be found in the horse's hoof. Monique Craig of the Epona Institute, writes on how to diagnose thrush, how to treat it and how to avoid it. Read more

Hoof Care

An Alternative horse shoe, overall, Razer horseshoes and Propads offer a sound solution for equipping your trail horse. Read more


Anatomy of the Equine 2014

Laminitis is relatively common in horses. There are countless reasons that a horse may suffer mild to severe inflammation in the laminae and solar coriums. Read more

Equine Wellness


Bryan Farcus

Sidebone can be of great concern where major limb conformational deformities exist. Such asymmetrical conformations prove to be the most stressful. Read more

Equine Wellness


Moon Walker Photography

I would learn in later years, all these therapies help tremendously in the overall health of the horse. Read more

Equine Wellness

Sound hoof horn is ensured by good genetics, regular farrier care, and well digested, properly absorbed nutrition Read more

Hoof Care 1 Comments

Proper heel support is essential to a healthy hoof, a sound horse and good performance.  It is especially important for hunters, jumpers, horses with long pasterns and those who genetically have low heels. Read more

Hoof Care 2 Comments

A successful ramp-up of activity in the spring will be determined by your horse’s hoof health over the coming months. Take action now to get feet in tip-top shape, and keep them healthy for your horse’s lifetime. Read more

Hoof Care

Foot Absecess


An abscess is the body’s response to an infection or invasion of a foreign object. Abscesses can be found just about anywhere on or inside a horse's body. Use adjunctive therapies to assist in healing. Read more

Therapy 3 Comments

We happened to notice 6 years ago when we were reporting to the AAEP on navicular syndrome that the coffin bone of these navicular horses had 1/3 less bone than other horses Read more

Hoof Care

This infection is believed to be caused by a variety of opportunistic fungal and bacterial agents. Infection of the frog is either thrush or a less recognized infection in the central sulcus of the frog. Read more

Equine Wellness 1 Comments

Hoof 9 months later

Ute Philippi

Hoof structure can have a lot to do with how well a horse is physically. Their physical wellness has everything to do with how well they are psychologically. Read more

Equine Wellness

  • Bottom horse hoof


    Bottom horse hoof

    Thrush in hoof

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