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Lexington, KY (October 25, 2018) -The Kentucky Horse Council has announced the topic for the November Kentucky Equine Networking Association (KENA) dinner. The November topic will be "Understanding Abuse and Neglect Cases." more

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frankenstoen from Portland, Oregon

Supportive supplements for horse and human more

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Aly Rattazzi, Rather Be Riding Photography

CranioSacral Therapy to help with headaches in the horse and the rider. more

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IR Horse

Harman, DVM

Easy keepers and overweight horses and ponies have been around forever. Laminitis has also always been with us, and it’s no secret that overweight animals are at high risk. more

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Failing pastures can be defined as those that no longer can meet the nutritional needs of the horse. This can happen a lot sooner than you might think. more

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A new study suggests that this non-nutritive licking and chewing behaviour more

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Muzzle with breathing space

Joyce Harman

Horse owners need to reconsider their grazing strategies, especially for those horses with metabolic issues. more

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Shipping a Horse

Karen Tappenden

This brand new FREE resource is meant to bring disaster rescue organizations and victims together in one place, making it easier to search through the multitude of pages and groups on Facebook. Listing on the webpage is not only free. more

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Coughing Horse

Paula deSilva

The Causes of Coughing in horses more

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Chastetree berry, or simply Chasteberry (CTB), has a long traditional history of use helping balance hormonal systems, both male and female. more

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Uckele’s 10th year as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. more

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Horse Pasture


A Kentucky Thoroughbred horse farm is reaping the benefits of healthier mares and foals due to pasture renovations they made over the past year with guidance from personnel in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. more

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horse cribbing on a post


When a horse cribs, they grasp an object with their upper front teeth, pull back, arch their neck, and appear to draw air into their esophagus while making a characteristic grunt, then release the air. more

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The videos feature horse owners who took action to control the clinical signs of the disease more

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CU Vet listening for vital signs.jpg


Gastrointestinal health and proper digestion are paramount to equine health, soundness, and performance. more

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hemp stalk

Hemp Stalk - KYHempsters - CoFounders, Kirstin Bohnert, Alyssa Faith Erickson

The ingredients tag on your commercial feed says it all. Protein source? Likely, soybeans. Fat source? Likely, soybean oil. But the love affair with soy is starting to fade. more

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Vet listening to horse gut


Recently, we have seen a significant increase in research on gut bacteria (known as the microbiome or microbiota) in humans as well as in our companion animals and equine partners. more

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Horse eating


Targeted nutrition or specific nutrient supplementation in addition to daily requirements is now being used as a therapeutic tool in preventing and combating physical and emotional disorders. more

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Horse Pasture


Driving through Kentucky recently, I passed breathtaking farms – acres and acres of meticulously manicured pastures, lined with black Kentucky-style four board fences that seemed to travel for miles. What struck me, however, was their barrenness. more

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  • PCR Oil Definition

    Bridle & Bone Wellness

    PCR Oil Definition

  • Calm horse

    Bridle & Bone Wellness

    Calm horse

  • Colocynthis

    Ed Schaeffer, VMD


    Homeopathic visual of a horse needing Colocynthis

  • Senior Horse

  • IMG_1160.JPG
  • Cordyceps sinensis

    Nicolas Merky

    Cordyceps sinensis

    Cordyceps sinensis Nicolas Merky) [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons

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