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Shoeing Options For the Driving Horse more

Hoof Care

A paper entitled “Biometric hoof evaluation of athletic horses of show jumping, barrel, long rope and polo modalities,” published in the July/September 2013 issue of Revista Brasileira de Saúde a Produção Animal more

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horse in muddy field


A couple important questions are: why does this occur, and, what to do when wet hooves become problematic? In order to answer these questions it is important to take a closer look at the hoof capsule. more

Hoof Care

Complimentary Educational Posters – Including Shipping & Handling - Now Available! more

Figure 2

Monique Craig

Thrush, a foul-smelling black pus, can sometimes be found in the horse's hoof. Monique Craig of the Epona Institute, writes on how to diagnose thrush, how to treat it and how to avoid it. more

Hoof Care

Race plate vs Razer Horseshoe


The difference between a racing plate and a Razer horse shoe. more

WHAT IS LAMINITIS? Laminitis is inflammation of the coriums. In a healthy hoof the hoof wall is tightly attached to the bone inside. The bone and hoof wall both have structures call laminae attached to them and ... more

Hoof Care

Solve your toughest hoof problems with E3Live™ Blue Green Algae supplements. E3Live is the only fresh, frozen algae that has been developed for horses, by horse professionals. more

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Epona Shoe

From the casual rider to the seasoned veterinarian, there’s information for every horse-lover in this new book on the horse’s hoof. more

wedge pad

Bryan Farcus

How a wedge pad can help balance the horses foot for better posture more

Equine Wellness 2 Comments

The importance of healthy sole especially in case of laminitis. Hoof care expert Dave Duckett gives good advices. more


Sound hoof horn is ensured by good genetics, regular farrier care, and well digested, properly absorbed nutrition more

Hoof Care 1 Comments

Trimming the Toe

Holistic Horse

How the hooves are effected by dental issues in the horses mouth. more

Equine Wellness

While researchers continue to learn more about the causes of laminitis, it is still often difficult to pinpoint the cause in individual cases. more

Equine Wellness

  • cracked toe with fill

    Tad Pig

    cracked toe with fill

    cracked toe with fill

  • Crack Trimmed Hoof

    Tad Pig

    Crack Trimmed Hoof

    Crack Trimmed Hoof

  • horse long toe

    Tad Pig

    horse long toe

    long toe

  • horse long toe

    Tad Pig

    horse long toe

    long toe

  • quarter crack

    quarter crack

    horse foot with quarter crack

  • Propad Cut and Attached on a Razor Shoe

    Propad Cut and Attached on a Razor Shoe

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