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Noseband comfortable


The horse is an emotional creature with millions of nerve endings running down the face to the nose and mouth all relating to smell, taste, chewing, touch, and vocalize. Read more

In the Field 3 Comments

After centuries of broken treaties, massacres such as Wounded Knee, and decreasing amounts of land on which to live, the Lakota, known for their great horsemanship, now experience high unemployment and few commercial opportunities. Read more

Cross Country Jumping

Karen Tappenden

Riding should not hurt. Unfortunately, many women are riding in saddles that have been made for men. They’re suffering in silence, tolerating the pain because they simply may not know what they don’t know. Read more

Equine Wellness 1 Comments

  • Horse sniffing saddle


    Horse sniffing saddle

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September 24, 2019

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