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A shipment of Banixx® Hoof & Wound Spray, as well as our Banixx® Shampoo was sent to the sanctuary to help these horses. Read more

Day 26

Step Ahead Farm and Training Center

In over 40 years of treating catastrophic wounds, I have never seen an infection occur under any solid bed of granulation tissue (new connective tissue) unless a piece of necrotic bone or a foreign object was present. Read more

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Dr. Roses has created a natural remedy that promotes healing in wounds, skin products, burns, lacerations,and rashes. Read more

Equine Energetics delivers six products in a new natural horse care line called Simple Relief®. Read more

Several alternative wound therapies may be useful while you wait for the vet to arrive, or for follow-up treatment. The important thing is to have these remedies on hand Read more


Honey's healing power and how to use it with your horse. Read more

Equine Wellness

  • Day of Arrival

    Step Ahead Farm Copywrite

    Day of Arrival

    3-yr-old filly arrived with wound after 8 months of care. The wound wouldn't heal due to lack of exercise. Not eh horiz. and vert. cracks in the wound bed.

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